"Very Talented!"    

  -NYC Multi-Cultural Festival  

 "Wonderful Musician, Amazing Instruments"

-US China Music Institute

 "A Great Performer 

-Center for Humanities in Medicine

"Fantastic and Educational  

-Columbia University Manhattan


Chris Stephens is a multi-instrumentalist musician that performs traditional music from Asia, India, and the Middle East on a collection of historic instruments.  Dedicated to learning the authentic styles of music from each of these regions, Chris' performances are testament to the claim that music is a universal language.

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This unique musical experience is perfect for many social and cultural gatherings including:

Concerts     Festivals     University Events     Workshops     Music School Lessons     Museum Events     Weddings     Cultural Holidays    Library Events     House Concerts      Nursing Home Events     Cultural Demonstrations      Historic Displays     Studio Sessions     Collaborations


Concert Samples - All Instruments

Live @ St. Paul's Chapel NYC

Live @ Greenkill Artist Studio NY

Live @ University of Missouri

Live @ STL Festival of Nations

Solo Instruments

Sitar (India)

Oud (Egypt)

Tar (Iran)

Pipa (China)

Shamisen (Japan)

Banjo (USA)

Bağlama (Turkey)


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