"Very Talented!"    

  -NYC Multi-Cultural Festival  

 "Wonderful Musician, Amazing Instruments"

-US China Music Institute

 "A Great Performer 

-Center for Humanities in Medicine

"Fantastic and Educational  

-Columbia University Manhattan


Chris Stephens is a multi-instrumentalist musician that performs a variety of traditional music styles on a collection of historic instruments from Asia, India, and the Middle East, as well as bluegrass banjo. Dedicated to learning the authentic styles of music from each of these regions, Chris' performances are testament to the claim that music is a universal language.

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This unique musical experience is perfect for many social and cultural gatherings including:

Concerts     Festivals     University Events     Workshops     Music School Lessons     Museum Events     Weddings     Cultural Holidays    Library Events     House Concerts      Nursing Home Events     Cultural Demonstrations      Historic Displays     Studio Sessions     Collaborations

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Concert Samples - All Instruments

Live @ St. Paul's Chapel NYC

Live @ Greenkill Artist Studio NY

Live @ University of Missouri

Live @ STL Festival of Nations

Solo Instruments

Sitar (India)

Oud (Egypt)

Tar (Iran)

Pipa (China)

Shamisen (Japan)

Banjo (USA)

Bağlama (Turkey)


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